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Garden Services

Does your garden need a renovation in Johannesburg or Pretoria? We deliver fast, cost-effective design solutions. We can help with the installation or defer to your own management of the process. Ebenezer Tree Felling provides unique and regular gardening services for commercial and residential customers in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Our regular customers know already they

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Instant Lawn in Johannesburg

We supply lawn & grass for your Johannesburg and Pretoria property. It is cheap, looks great, and depending on how large your area is, it can generally be placed the very same day it’s delivered to Pretoria and surrounding areas such as Johannesburg, Midrand, Fourways, Centurion. Your instant lawn will look attractive and inviting without ongoing frustrations. We

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Landscaping in Johannesburg

Our landscaping services in Johannesburg & Pretoria convinces you that our experienced team will site all plant substantial where they are most possible to show. Request our landscaping services today to understand more about our landscape designs in Johannesburg & Pretoria. The variety of the landscaping projects we perform includes: Trees Shrubs Perennials Annuals Bulbs Lawn Installation Landscape Maintenance

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Tree Removal in Johannesburg

We provide the most comprehensive tree felling service and removal in Pretoria, Midrand, Johannesburg, Randburg and more other locations in Gauteng. Here at Ebenezer Tree Felling, we are dedicated to the preservation of Pretoria & Johannesburg trees but are also prepared for when that is not a possibility. Trees can become infected, sick or really unsound. We remove trees in

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